Do leopard geckos need UVB light?

The modern world is entirely open for the wild and adventurous things to know. People are changing into different approaches, whether it is in technological terms or daily life things. Keeping a pet is a common practice that is practiced by several individuals since traditional times only.

If you are exposed to the wildlife and other aspects of it capturing our daily life, then you would know that reptiles are now kept as pets. We are here discussing the leopard geckos, one of a kind of geckos species. We would be here debating if leopard geckos need UVB light or not. To capture the necessary details continue reading the information stated below.

Leopard geckos the preferred reptile to be kept as a pet

Do leopard geckos need UVB light?

Geckos are one of the most admittedly preferred pets. These are mainly of four types that are stated as below:

  • Leopard geckos
  • Tokay geckos
  • Day geckos
  • African fat-tailed geckos
  • Crested geckos
  • Common house geckos

Well, these are prevalent types of geckos, but there are many more to be listed in both category wild as well as pets. Among all others, a leopard gecko is the preferred one surely. Leopard geckos are an excellent choice for reptile being a pet.

Easy to take care of:

In contrast to the traditional pets and other reptiles, leopard geckos are the convenient reptile to take care of surely. It is better for those who don’t have much leisure time to invest in these pets. Additionally, another reptile requires special care, whereas others require specialist care undoubtedly.

It is complicated to keep other reptiles in good health to get rid of the unnecessary health complications surely. Leopard geckos are easy to take care of as they are not very demanding, and creating a familiar environment for them is simple.

Family pets:

Leopard geckos are of docile, placid nature and allowing everyone to be comfortable with it. However, these reptiles are not affectionate towards the pet parent, but still, leopard geckos are danger-free for children as well if held accurately. They have a slow and gentle walk, so while you are holding them concisely, they would be walking their walk on your gentle hands.

In addition, geckos are not aggressive by nature, but everyone animals should be treated with respect. We have admittedly never seen a leopard geckos biting or trying to hurt anyone.

Fascinating to watch:

Some people think that it is not a good option for you to have such reptiles as these might be unpleasant to have surely. The spots on the leopard geckos make them fascinating to watch. The traits of the leopard gecko big doey eyes, leopard spots, and a smile from ear to ear these traits make them extraordinarily alluring and pleasant to have.

The above-stated reasons are leading ones why people prefer having leopard geckos’ reptile as a pet for themselves.

Importance of UVB lightning for leopard lightning

Do leopard geckos need UVB light?

Geckos are the reptiles that are found in warm regions mainly. The UVB light carries a specific role in their day-to-day living. It is essential for you to have the best light for leopard gecko for their better health of the gecko. Below we are mentioning the primary points of the UVB lightning of leopard lightning.

  1. Complete the need of vitamin D: Reptiles have different requirements of the food and other nutritional values. Vitamin D carries a significant role in the leopard geckos for the formation of the calcium and makes their bones stronger. Getting vitamin D allows them to get through the process of D synthesis. Providing the geckos, optimal UVB is essential and easy to do the task that can benefit them in multiple ways undoubtedly.
  2. Make the bone stronger: UVB lights tend to provide the effect of the natural sunlight. Using the best light for leopard gecko can allow one to have better health and refrain them from multiple bone diseases. In this way, you need to have the proper UVB lights for the strength of the bones.
  3. Skin shedding: if you are known to the wildlife, then you would be known to the fact that these reptiles shed skin quite often. Therefore providing leopard geckos is essential for skin shedding of their optimally. Providing the UVB lights to the leopard geckos makes their skeletal system firm. However, geckos have weakened skeletal systems, so you should be providing them optimal UVB lights.

Bonus tip to know:

If you are also inclined towards the idea of having the leopard geckos, then you should be known to the fact that geckos go for the living insects for the food. Unlike other traditional pets, you will not be provided with the packed boxes of the foods for them. So you are required to keep a check on it. To boot, you must give them adequate UV or UVB lights that make their bones stronger.  However, the geckos are required natural sunlight, but several people are not willing to go with the idea for their leopard geckos, so they can choose for the UVB light that is convenient for them surely. These UVB lights can appropriately provide the humidity, warmth, and effects of the UV lights.

Wrapping up

Do leopard geckos need UVB light?

Let us wrap this up as we have taken a glance over several aspects regarding the leopard geckos. As an approach towards everything is amending and people are cutting off all the stereotypes of having a pet. In addition, instead of going for traditional pets such as dogs and cats, you should consider the geckos that are convenient pets for modern life. They are comfortable because they don’t ask for much of your time and effort, and you don’t need to bother about any other aspect.

In contrast, leopard geckos are silent and provide you convenience in multiple ways. You can carry them anywhere without giving a thought to it, as setting their habitat is an easy thing to do. Therefore, we can say that it is convenient for you to have the leopard geckos as your pet.

How to Make the Best Guinea Pig Cage?

How to Make the Best Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pigs are adorable fuzzy creatures of the rodent family. They are domestic pets, which are not so hard to take care of, they have a lifespan of 8 years, which if you think about it, it isn’t so bad. These creatures are meant for the care of children as they don’t require much work. Plus they are affectionate pets, they will tend to show love more that any other small animals. They ten to jump when they are happy, for this they require room. As guinea pigs are not kept so they can stroll freely across they house, they require sufficient habitat spaces. They are kept in cages which requires quite a lot of detail to make sure they are comfortable. So it is necessary to know information about guinea pig cages before you buy it.

What to know before buying or making a cage

How to Make the Best Guinea Pig Cage?

You’re thinking of buying a guinea pig, and when buying a guinea pig you also have to buy a cage, or else where are you going to keep him or her. You can’t just let them run around the house, it is too dangerous. So you must buy a cage, but not just any cage, it has to make sure that it satisfies the full needs of your fuzzy friend.

So here are a few things to consider when buying a cage;

  • Adequate spacing- You should always be aware of the size of the cage because as the guinea pig grows, you can’t juts let them stay in there all tight and coffined in. So make sure that it has enough floor spacing, and maybe even a couple of floors, if you consider buying more than one.
  • A hiding place- Guinea pigs are normally shy creatures and tend to hide is someone, or something spooks them, so it is important to have small nooks and crannies they can hide in.
  • What the cage is made out of- It is important that the materials are well structured, and safe for your pet. The materials need to be strong enough so that it can withhold the chewing these animals do, and the floor should be plastic or something solid so that they don’t get their tiny paws stuck.
  • All the things that a guinea pig needs inside its home- They require food bowls and bottles, they should have easy access to it. Plus they also need proper bedding. It can be either wood shavings, ripped paper, or fleece (like a small dog bed). They also require ramps if there a high elevated places inside the cage, as they have small feet, with a chubby body it makes it difficult for them to jump. So installing ramps would be a good idea.

Where to buy the best cages from

How to Make the Best Guinea Pig Cage?

As these furry little friends require tons of room to run and play it is necessary to get the best cage suited for them. There are over a hundred places you can get these cages, they aren’t such a hard task. You can buy these cages from any pet store, they’ve got tons of selections available, which will make sure that you get the best cage possible. Plus you can even order them online through pet sites, or just normal shopping websites, like amazon, or eBay. As there are plenty of places it doesn’t require much of your time when looking for one.

Some of the best guinea pig cages you can buy are online, there are various types of cages like the;

  • Living World Deluxe Habitat.

-This cage comes in various sizes, it is portable, and has easy access for your guinea pig. It is made out of heavy-duty metal, and plastic. And with a high barrier around the cage it secludes the pet, and makes sure that they have enough room, as to why the water is placed on the outside. This cage can be bought on Amazon.

  • ToysOply Premium Pet Playpen
  • This cage is more a casual approach, it is usually met for taking your pet on the go, as to why it is easily attachable and collapsible. It is made out of fabric which is scratch, and chew resistance, plus it is waterproof as well. This cage is inexpensive, and is convenient and portable.

However, it is not necessary to buy a cage online, or in-store, because you can just create it yourself. It is fairly simple to make them, it can be made out of wood, or cardboard, PVC pipes, and even an old dresser, yes that’s right, an old dresser. Making your own cage is inexpensive if you want it to be. They can be made out of household furniture, which won’t cost you a dime.

There are cages which you can choose to spend more by adding high quality lumber for framings, and high quality steel, or some sort of netting, and you can also make it with easier access, so it can be cleaned properly. The best thing about making your cage yourself is that you are able to design it however you want, with whatever you want. You are able to provide the best care available to your pet just they way they want it.

What will this cost me?

How to Make the Best Guinea Pig Cage?

Now buying, a guinea pig isn’t that expensive, and adopting one will not cost you so much, or nothing at all. This is good because you are saving your money which can be spent on the more expensive items.

When buying cages online or in-store can be fairly expensive, this is because of the materials that it is made out of. These cages can range from above $40 to sometimes over $100. It is rarely possible to find a cage that will be below $40, but if it is, it is most likely a used one on sale. But spending this much shouldn’t be a problem as it will only be bought once, and it’s for your loving pet, who you would do anything for.

However if you are making your cage, then it is possible to make it under $20 if all the materials are there. It just requires you labour. But making them can sometimes be even more expensive than buying a cage itself, as the materials could cost more and the time taken to complete it.

Although whether the cage is expensive or not, it will almost cost the same for all the other items a guinea pig needs. So in conclusion the best cages can be anything, but the best cages are the ones that your pets love. It won’t matter if it feels, and looks good or you, it needs to just right for your pet.

Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside?

If you want to keep your rabbit outside, then you surely want to buy an outdoor rabbit hutch. Now, you can buy the best outdoor rabbit hutch through online or your local pet store either you can create by yourself at your home. When you keep your rabbits outside, you are being aware of possible hazards to your pet are important, especially if you are going to perform so. Predators are one of the most mutual hazards that are linked with this preparation. Sometimes, these predators do not even succeed in getting into a rabbit and a dreadfully scared rabbit can die of a heart attack due to the fear.

Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside?

Now, you should know why you are having actually a great outdoor rabbit hutch is a best idea. However, giving a rabbit with the coop shelter is a most important thing, so that it feels very safe, while critter comes everywhere. It not only does the limited area require to safeguard the rabbit from critters; it also requires to safeguard it from the bad weather. When you are attempting to decide on the exact size of an outdoor rabbit hutch, you are going to make or purchase. When it is completely developed, you want to take into consideration how big the rabbit is. The hutch also requires being at least four times the length of a rabbit, when it is completely stretched out.

How to move an indoor rabbit outdoors?

Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside?


When you are moving an indoor rabbit to the outdoors, here are the steps to be followed:

  • The initial thing to consider before moving an indoor rabbit outdoors is unexpected changes in the environment, which can cause more strain for your pet rabbits.
  • The rabbits are actually more delicate animals.
  • You might also decide to move your pet rabbit outside; because of several reasons, but you should consider keeping them in a best hutch.
  • Make sure the hutch is very sturdy sufficient for the predators to break in and should have segments, which would allow them to hide.
  • It is their normal character to hide and feel relax in a coop. So, a hutch without a hidden area is not a great option for your house rabbits.
  • The look of a violent predator can also be more dreadful even fatal for a rabbit, which has newly moved to outdoors.
  • You must keep the rabbits outdoor in order to keep them always cooped. They also want to exercise, which means they need some running space as well.
  • Every day, you should allow your house rabbits to run everywhere freely in your garden area for an hour, but you have to keep the proper observation.

How to transit a rabbit outside?

Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside?

Before you begin thinking on moving your rabbit outside, they want a secure house to move into. The proper enclosure of your rabbit is an only thing safeguarding it from the risks of outdoors. Generally, there are three major features to this that include your rabbit wants a strong hutch, a safe and also more spacious to exercise, run and a predator proof yard. When your house rabbit is setting up and ready, you just start the transition. You will also want to wait until the weather is mild and then release your rabbit to the outdoors very slowly. When you are looking to make a transition rabbit outside, initially, you have to pick the best outdoor rabbit hutch and then follow these methods for moving an indoor rabbits outdoor successfully that include:

  • Make a secure outdoor rabbit hutch and run
  • Predator proof your yard
  • Wait until the spring comes
  • Let your house rabbits outside for minimal period of time
  • Move your rabbit outdoors permanently

However, once your rabbit has transitioned outside successfully, they can live over there a year around. Sometimes, the ultimate temperatures can be harmful for house rabbits. During summer and winter, you might want to take additional precautions to make sure their safety. Get some suggestions from the expert so that you can buy a best product for your rabbit. But, their great outdoor hutch is an only safe and secure place to prevent them from dying of hypothermia or heat stroke.

Winter Activities

Winter Activities

A variety of skiing, snowboarding & snow-shoeing options radiate from the lodge like spokes from hub canvassing the 40 square kilometers (10,000 acres) of terrain at elevations above and below the lodge.The small group sizes have a lesser impact on the vast selection of land and the area has yet to be skied-out. Sentry’s seemingly endless ski zones vary according to the conditions and guest desires; steep and deep glades, mellow alpine bowls, stunning scenic ridge tours or ski summits of local peaks including Sentry Mountain itself. Groups are still exploring new areas and finding new ski lines. Come up, explore and name a new run!

Due to the seemingly endless powder supply and ridgeline tours, alpine touring and telemark skiing are main winter activities. Snowboarders with approach skis or split-boards are welcome to join these groups. There are also options for snow-shoeing and Nordic XC Touring.s

“Winter storms consistently dump dry flakes to cover your tracks. Snow

Winter Activities

shoers can spend all week jogging through meadows and climbing to ridges.”

Kimberly Lisagor – Outside Magazine’s Premier 100 Adventure Lodges.

Winter Activities

Sentry Mountain Lodge is located at 6,920 feet (2,110 m) in the northern Esplanade Range of the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. Its specific UTM Coordinates are 572 206 on the Natural Resources Canada Topographic Map 82 N/12 Mount Sir Sandford. This map can be purchased from Sentry and mailed to you if it is difficult to find in your region.

The lodge is perched at tree line on a small knob with views of Canadian Rocky Mountains, including Mt. Columbia, Mt. Bryce, the Columbia Icefields, from the front deck and dining room window.

  • Guess Safety

Winter Activities

Before partaking in any winter activities at Sentry Mountain Lodge, all guests are required to participate in a theoretical and practical exercise in the use of avalanche beacons. This includes mock rescue scenarios with multiple burials. It is highly recommend that all guests practice beacon searching before arriving at the lodge in order to facilitate the efficiency of the exercise. Once the guides are confident in the skills, the group will begin skiing.

Sentry Mountain Lodge only employs guides certified by the internationally recognized Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

Prior to each winter season Sentry guides and staff partake in a multi-day staff training event, setting up the lodge, exploring the terrain, recording the season start conditions and participate in mock rescue scenarios.

Each morning and evening during the season, the Sentry Guides meet to discuss daily objectives, conditions and field observations. Guides customize the daily plans by combining and assessing the forecasted weather, avalanche stability level, snow quality, field observations, and the ability-level of the participants.
Sentry Mountain Lodge is a Canadian Avalanche Association Information Exchange Member/Subscriber and Sentry guides are professional members of the Canadian Avalanche Association

  • Waiver of Liability

Winter Activities

Prior to participating in activities with Sentry Mountain Lodge, guests are required to read and sign the release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement. We request that you carefully read the Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims Agreement before signing. By signing this document you will waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue should you become involved in an accident. If you have any questions please call our office at 250 344-7227 or email: [email protected]

Winter Guided Waiver click here to download.

Winter Self-Guided Waiver click here to download.

The waiver must be printed, read, signed, witnessed and faxed back to the Sentry office prior to your arrival in Golden.

Its Easy to Choose a Snow and Ski Helmet If You Know What to Look For

Looking for that one helmet that makes you enjoy the ski experience more is a worthy cause. Most of your life is spent working somewhere or looking for something. But, when you go to that ski mountain trail or walk in the snow, you need to find a helmet that really makes you smile. Not something you get because it was suggested. A helmet you get because you want to have the best moment you can have. The snow brings out the child in you. Bring that fun and go happy person back to the Sun. Wear the best ski helmets you can find. Ways to choose the best helmet is listed below.

Its Easy to Choose a Snow and Ski Helmet If You Know What to Look For

Know What Type of Ski Helmet You Need

You think you’re an expert at this already, but hold on and decide what snow helmet you need. Are you going for a ride down the hill or for a simple walk? If you going for a walk, you really do not need a helmet at all. A little snow might get caught in your hair but that’s ok. Only people who work in the snow and ski actually need a ski helmet. Moving on, you need to decide on whether you need a helmet with venting or not. The venting system allows you to control the cold air that comes in and out of the helmet. Choose if you want your lungs to have cold air or inside hot air. Not all ski helmets and snow helmets come with venting, which means you have to look on the product descriptions and decide if helmet is equipped with vents. That is the basics. View the other sections to learn more.

Make Sure the Helmet Provides You With Safety

Safety is something you really need to think about before you purchase a ski or snow helmet. The helmet is suppose to protect you from all hazards in the snow. You have to deal with snow falls, snow, cold air, blowing objects, bumping people, and more things that are dangerous in the snow. The snow is not a nice place. Especially, at night with the winds doubling down and the cold connecting to your inner spine. You feel very cold and become very fragile.

A helmet is needed when you go outside for long time and that helmet needs to have safety approved stamped on to it. Doesn’t matter that it say best ski helmets, you need to make sure the helmet is safety approved. Most ski helmets and snow helmets are safety approved by ASTM. ASTM, a US based company that tests ski helmets and snow helmets to provide consumers a proper snow gear. The ASTM sticker should be on the inside of the snow or ski helmets. Most ski and snow helmets have that sticker on them. Make sure the best ski helmets you find have the ASTM sticker on them as well.

Additionally, look at the reviews for each of the helmets you see online and offline. You need to know if they actually work. The reviews often tell the truth when it comes to helmets. People mostly don’t lie when it comes to something connected to gear protection.