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Do leopard geckos need UVB light?

The modern world is entirely open for the wild and adventurous things to know. People are changing into different approaches, whether it is in technological terms or daily life things. Keeping a pet is a common practice that is practiced by several individuals since traditional times only. If you are exposed to the wildlife and… Read More »

How to Make the Best Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pigs are adorable fuzzy creatures of the rodent family. They are domestic pets, which are not so hard to take care of, they have a lifespan of 8 years, which if you think about it, it isn’t so bad. These creatures are meant for the care of children as they don’t require much work.… Read More »

Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside?

If you want to keep your rabbit outside, then you surely want to buy an outdoor rabbit hutch. Now, you can buy the best outdoor rabbit hutch through online or your local pet store either you can create by yourself at your home. When you keep your rabbits outside, you are being aware of possible… Read More »